Wednesday, May 27, 2009

office musings

My situation:

I have several thousand dollars of credit card debt, which I wish to repay as soon as possible.

My Questions:

1. Can I borrow money from my friend and payback my loan? I can payback my friend when I have money in next few years.
2. Can I loan money from multiple friends?
3. What if I receive it as a gift from friend? Which I don’t have to pay back.
4. In any of the above cases, what is the limit (if any) for a friend giving the loan, as well as a limit for me to receive the loan from a friend and all together from friends?
5. Do any of us (me or friend) has to pay any tax?

Essentially, I have friend(s) willing to loan me money; to pay off my debt and save heavy interest charges on the credit card. I am not sure of any tax/other IRS implications with this scenario.

Any help/links will be appreciated.



Monday, June 16, 2008

this is what i called...... technology.

we were watching the US Open on my friend's LG voyager
mobile phone while we were walking to my car. along the way
in my car, we were yelling and screaming wanting Tiger Woods
to win. when we arrived at the noodle place, those people were
watching Austria and Germany playing. so....talking about
technology, i was watching both games live and i saw
Michael Pollack scored his first goal of the game on the 49min.
after lunch as we were driving back to the office, we saw how
Tiger Woods won the 2008 US Open.

now....this is what i called..... a good lunch and some awesome sports.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

now that really caught my attention.

a very creative way to name a vietnamese restaurant.
it's located along El Cajon Blvd.

Pho (foh) -- beef noodle soup.

what's the problem with this dude?

i left my office and i was on my way home. i spotted some
very loud noise and i thought some fighter jets were flying
around doing their training.

however, the noise was getting louder and louder and i thought
one of jets was about to crash. i was beginning to freak out and
all of a sudden, the traffic came to a stand still. then i realized that
the light was red and the noise went away.

i started to drive again when the lights turned green and the very
irritating noise was somehow behind me. later, a car passed me and
i realized the noise was coming from that car. i then heard some
people yelling, "You shouldn't be driving this car. You gonna hurt
someone. Get out of the road now. "

i took this photo and i wasn't sure how far did the driver drove the
car with this condition. anyway, someone tailed this car and they
drove into the shooping complex and i lost them. anyway, here is the

yes, the tire is gone and the car was driven on the wheel and
it was scratching the road real bad and making a deep groove.
i wasn't sure what happened but i was glad that the fighter jet
did not crash onto mira mesa blvd.

Monday, March 24, 2008

the right question.

the fundamental discussion is:

Is genius born or made?

do u believe that certain people has a gift to accomplish a certain task?

when i look at Ti and Fa, i felt that these 2 people are very creative.

when i look at myself; i wish i have this creativity in me.
i asked myself, how can i be like them? what can i do to be
as creative as them?

am i asking the right questions?

Thursday, January 31, 2008

what the h*ll is PERIOD.

my co-worker was showing me some stuff. i was typing on what
he was telling me until he ended with PERIOD. somehow, i typed DOT.
he was like, stunned ..... what are you doing. afterwards, i asked him;
what is this PERIOD that you are trying to tell me. all of these happened
like in a reflects action where PERIOD just did not register to my
grey-thing-in-my-cranium. he pointed to my keyboard where the
PERIOD is and he looked confused. i was embarrassed and i told him,
for some reason, i knew what a PERIOD is until then. i explained to
him that i was born with a FULL-STOP. at times, PERIOD is just
belongs to the X-FILES.

internet is down. is that good news or bad news to u? (FLAG)

ha..... can we live without the internet? my first initial thought is;
what would happen to the world if the internet is down a week.
if i blog more on this subject, i think i can come up with a movie.
i will talk to John Williams for his music and steven spielberg for
directing. it will sure be a big blockbuster.

no emails. yahoo!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Happy Birthday to myself.

Happy Birthday to Fanny.

mine is on the 12th and hers is on the 17th.
ha.... i wonder what she got for her birthday present.

she bought me a All-Clad Stainless 10-Inch Fry Pan.


yeah sure..... u know what that means when someone
buys u a fry pan.

i had a dream.

i had a dream.

i was at this place. this place was like a loft with a big room and some
huge pillars with high ceiling. then i saw some things dropped to
the floor. i bent down and they were a couple of the fuses for the
oil candle.

i could remember clearly i was like 8 to 10 years old. my late
mum's mum back in malaysia will always get a glass, fill it with
water and then add some oil. later, she will put the fuse which is
attached to a cork and then the thing will float. she will then light
the fuse and it will keep burning until the oil runs out. those are
for religious prayers. yeah, sometimes i will help her to prepare the
oil candle and she will light them. later, i will help her bring them
to the altar. i will help her refill with more oil sometimes. she
complains a lot about the missing fuses since the mice like to steal

anyway, i picked them up and at this point, things are like super
slow-motion. i slowly picked them up and turned around and saw her.
she looked like the way she was. her hair was well groomed. her clothings
were clean and tidy. her warmth appearance is always there. i would say,
she looked exactly the same like i used to see her when i was a child.
i gave the fuses to her and gave her a hug. upon hugging her, i cried. then
i felt my pillow is getting damped and that's when i woke up..... still crying.
i was like...... WOW...... it was so real.... i saw her!!

she is the one that protects me when i get beat up by my mum. she
evens quarrels with my mum that she was too ferocious when my mum
beat my sister and me. i tried to call my aunty earlier to explain to her but
she did not pick up the phone. let me call my mum tonite.

Friday, January 18, 2008

can u buy me lunch today?

i wanna shoot myself on my feet. this is the 2nd consecutive
friday that i forgot to bring my wallet. i did not realize that
i left my wallet at home until i am on my way to my office and
half way there. ID, no $, no visa, no mastercard, etc ....
all this happened after i cleaned up my "library" and get rid of all
the junk knick-knacks and rearranging some stuff. i thought
i had this in mind that, never leave home without;

1) keys
2) cellphone
3) wallet
4) water
5) jacket
6) post-it
7) pen
8) eating "bible"
9) anti-bacterial wipes
10) good CDs
11) cyber-shot camera
12) camcorder

i think that's all. i think i should take a photo of these things.

oh well, hey marty, may i borrow $10 please.